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Brand Loyalty 2012: Sooyoung Loves Isabel Marant

Lagi malas nerjemahinnya, jadi terjemahin sendiri aja ya..! Yang jelas Sooyoung itu orangnya setia. Terbukti dari brand ato merek pakaian yang sering dipakainya sepanjang tahun ini.. hehehe.. 😀 😀

She was the first member to be seen in Isabel Marant and still to this day her love affair with the French brand has continually blossomed. Occasionally seen with pieces from the hip and bohemian styled brand whether it be at a premiere, airport o

r tv show appearance Sooyoung embodies the laid-back, chic philosophy of the French designer.

We take a look back on this year’s ‘Sooyoung et Isabel Marant’ sightings.

Isabel Marant Store Opening: Winning Outfit of the Week Sooyoung wore a dress from the latest 2013 collection, pairing her look with grey fringe suede boots and a cosy jacket over the shoulders both from the same designer. A strong and different look from what we were used to seeing.

Incheon Airport: Opting for a laid back look, Sooyoung was seen at the airport with Isabel Marant’s cable knit sweater from their Fall collection. Interestingly, Sooyoung paired her look with a blue polka dot dress, black tights and J.W Hume bag she bought a couple of years ago. The contrast between the two different textures worked well.

The Peach Tree Premiere: Snapped at The Peach Tree premiere, Sooyoung wore a striking alpaca-blend sweater teaming it with black skinny jeans and boots and a Chanel bag. The ensemble was not too over-styled but still interesting enough as Korean premieres sees guests usually dressed casually on the carpet.

Gimpo Airport: Flashback from the past! We didn’t know that stores were still stocking these seasons old jeans! A pleasant surprise indeed when we found Sooyoung still managed to make the pants appear as a recent item. Unfortunately, when taking our eyes away from the pants and look at the entire ensemble we can’t help but feel the oncoming cringe at the Markus Lupfer shirt.

Gimpo Airport: Arriving at Gimpo Airport, Sooyoung opted for a snow bunny look with an Isabel Marant cream fur coat and matching beige leggings. Avoiding the look from being too bland or washed out, a feather print shirt was worn, accessorizing with Tom Ford sunglasses.

Incheon Airport: One of our favourite airport looks from Sooyoung this year highlighted her well-known effortless-chic style was when she made an appearance at the airport. This look had us staring dazed at our screens and made us want to own every piece of her spring ensemble. Sooyoung wore an Etolie Isabel Marant gilet with ripped jeans and Louis Vuitton sneakers. Her favourite Proenza Schoulder bag completed the look.

Of course Sooyoung’s stylists had to include her favourite brand into her Midnight Entertainment wardrobe throughout the season. Our first Marant look came earlier this year with a quilted denim jacket from the Spring collection. The jacket did all the talking as it was paired with white jeans and boots. From the neck down it was a great look, neck up we are still baffled with the choice of hairstyle.

Sooyoung stood out with the Lauryn top in a recent Midnight Entertainment episode, pairing her blouse with a navy skirt from the same brand. Our favourite MC accessorized with a gold watch and simple pony tail. Stylish and chic.

Other pieces Sooyoung was seen with included the Banana Festival sweater and celebrity favourite, the Dicker boot.

Runner up: Jessica & Chanel (Juara kedua jatuh kepada Jessica yang sering menggunakan brand Chanel)



4 responses

  1. Gug slah kalo sepanjang taun 2012 soo eonn cantik bgt,,krna Koleksi fashion soo eon isabel marant semua,,uah,,bagus,,eonni noeumo kyeopta,,

    25/12/2012 pukul 10:15 pm

  2. aku suka bgt sama style nya syoo,,
    dan apa aja yg dipake dia selalu cocok…
    Prinsip berpakaian ala syoo ‘nyaman’

    26/12/2012 pukul 4:55 am

  3. Isabel Marant Black Bazil Suede and Snake-effect Sneakers – Black must be the most fashionable color in this season. Isabel Marant Outlet The high top style make these Isabel Marant Sneakers to be the most fashionable. The concealed wedge heels are approximately 4 inches. Wearing these sneakers, you will be highlights of any occasions. Charmingly wearing Isabel Marant Shoes, you can enjoy the envy eyes with abandon http://www.isabelmarantenter.com.

    26/12/2012 pukul 10:14 am

  4. di photoshoot soo buat harper’s bazaar ed. jan 13 aja semuanya yang dipake produk isabel marant..

    27/12/2012 pukul 10:31 pm

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