WeLCome 2 My ZoNe

Baby Don’t Cry (Sookris Love)

This my first time make video.. hehehhe.. hope you like that🙂
all from a collection of images on tumblr.

Sooyoung and Kris were lovers. They rarely met because of busy work. Sooyoung sometimes feel lonely when they are far apart and she was always crying. Kris can’t stand when Sooyoung crying and sadly. Sometimes Kris always appeared suddenly in front Sooyoung and also give her a surprise gift. Hope that Sooyoung know and understand that how far apart they are and how busy he was, he always loved Sooyoung.🙂🙂

2 responses

  1. mia

    Dasianfanfic udah bnyk fanfic sookris tapi ko yg bhs indonesia gag ada y,,,,ckkckckck
    N sayang dasianfanfic qw gag bisa baca soal’a gag ngerti bhs inggris n video ini jg gag tau kpn bisa nonton’a soal’a lg gag ada pulsa modem😦

    19/06/2012 pukul 7:14 pm

  2. videonya bagus chingu..
    di asianfanfic emang udh banyak ff sookris tapi pusing bacanya soalnya pke bhs inggris..
    chingu bikin dong ff sookris yg bhs Indonesia..

    gomawo dan sorry chingu🙂

    21/06/2012 pukul 6:55 am

Jangan lupa komennya..!!

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